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Five Star Comics and creator Mark A. Lester present the ongoing web graphic novel series, Altered Ego: Welcome to Wonderland.

Welcome to Wonderland.

Altered Ego: In one world Mark is a caffeine-addicted short-order cook desperate to become a professional cartoonist, in another he is the defender of the Dreaming at war with a darkness that threatens to overtake the Imaginary.

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1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters. ( No. I cannot think of 8. I haven't that many friends. I'm really quite lonely. )

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

1. Chaos Grimm is a homicidal clown living within the confines of a dark and secret circus, pledged to protecting the freaks within.

2. Chaos loves Harmony (among many others) and seeks to balance his darkness with her light. Of course Chaos doesn't realize this. Chaos likes what he sees and he wants it. Chaos is refreshingly simple. Like a two year old.

4. Chaos is not real and lives within a fluid dream-reality where all things are real and nothing is. Therefore, Chaos is real.  

5. Chaos is the secret, unbridled Id of a struggling artist; Chaos is violent, pleasure-seeking, uninhibited and gleefully omniexual. He WILL sex you up. You will enjoy it.

6. Chaos is the defender of the Dreaming and saddled with protecting the Imaginary from a growing Darkness that threatens to overtake the Dreaming. He has a really big sword. (Just sayin'.)

7. Chaos lives a half-life filled with secrets even he doesn't know the answers to. Of course he rarely stops to question much of anything soooo ... no problemo.

8. Chaos is Chaos is not Chaos. Chaos is a force of nature in an undefined liquid reality. Chaos detests wearing shirts or shoes and wears pants only when made to. Chaos has a lot of hair.

TheWickedWordsmith - Grin
KillerConfettiLick - Shae Lantern
FlyingLimes - The Worm Maiden
Heather! What is your screenname on DA!! - Mina
I was tagged by BiHetHo to post eight facts about Magus. Magus is a character I created that appears in the Chaos Grimm comic strip. This assignment is made all that much more difficult because Magus is, by design, a very mysterious character and truthfully I don't know all that much.

Still ... here goes ...

8. Magus runs a mysterious circus filled with all matter of freaks and supernatural beasts.

7. While never seen eating, Magus does has a taste for [*]

6. Magus will only wear the very best tailored suits, hand-made by a specific Italian tailor who died in 1906. 

5. Magus was once a world famous performer before disappearing from the public spotlight.

4. Magus is rumored to have once been the love interest of both Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Stalin. (among others)

3. When young Magus was [*] by [*] and left [*]. As a result he has covered his face ever since. 

2. Magus was present numerous times throughout history's greatest events.

1. Magus knows the secrets of the universe but finds them rather boring and uninspired. 

Because I do not believe in suffering in silence, I will tag everyone else to give ME (8) previously unknown facts about Magus, Gula, Tubbs, Harmony and/or Chaos. (Also because I don't know HOW to "tag" people on DA.)

Or ANYONE of their choosing. I'm flexible.

I have seen some AWESOME Chaos Grimm cosplay and it thrills me to see it every time. Sooo ...

cosplay this Halloween will get a cool, original pen and ink drawing of CHAOS by yours truly! Send your pics!

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A friend alerted me to the interesting fact that while watching the latest PewDiePie video he spotted the PewDiePie drawing a did a week or so ago. Which is rather neat. It also means that that one drawing has been seen by more people that everything else I have ever done. Combined. Probably multiplied by a lot. Okay. More than just a lot.

My Artworks Uncredited PewDiePie Cameo


BBe sure to check it here. I mean, maybe even help a guy out and subscribe to his channel. It’s at the 7:40 mark if you wanna skip to the best part.

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An all new tale of unspeakable, perverse, twisted, bizarre horror and action featuring Chaos Grimm, The Homicidal Clown!

 Can you really have “Too much of a good thing?”

All of the circus was abuzz with chatter. A visitor had arrived. Not just any visitor. A mercenary. Maybe they wouldn’t have cared if it were of different circumstances. If the mercenary hadn’t come to their circus with a favor to ask.

A favor? Of all things, a favor?

Black locks blew in the slight breeze. Something felt off. He stood, turning toward’s the direction of his circus. They were definitely doing something interesting without him. Don’t ask how he knew, he just did. The slim figure rushed home.

All eyes fell on him and whispers stopped. Then grew twice as loud.

Chaos looked around in confusion. “What’d I miss? Did I do something?” He walked backwards with his hands up. “I swear it was the pig!”

A particular voice caught his attention.  It was new, but impossible to make out. He pressed his ear against the door.

“I understand your concerns for the young lady, but you really should reconsider.” The familiar voice said.

Bandage boy. Chaos frowned. Young lady? Did they mean his future girlfriend? Someone wanted to take that purple haired temptress away before he could get her into his bed? No way was he having that. Chaos slammed the door open, about to speak only to be silenced by angry glares from his brothers. “Am I… Interrupting something?”

“What is it?” The dark suited male asked. Beside him stood a very curious short girl who was trying to peek under his bandages. “Stop that.” He swatted her hands away.

Chaos grinned. “Aw, you got me a present. Is it my birthday already?”

“Chaos, go away.” His other brother commanded. “This doesn’t concern you.”

“Actually, maybe it does.”

Chaos watched the two talk among themselves. While they were busy, he sold over to the girl. “Hey. Wanna see my collection of sex toys?”

She nodded.

“Wait, really?” Chaos was taken aback. Usually they always say no. “Then maybe I could,” He trailed a hand down her back. “Interest you in something more fun?”

Again, she nodded. Though frowned as a voice shouted in her ear. A headset. The girl spoke back in some unusual language, full of strange clicking and weird chirping.

He’d gotten a glimpse inside her mouth now. “What the-…?” Chaos reached a hand towards her, pulling her cheeks to force her to open her mouth. “What are you?”

The girl uncoiled that long, slightly glowing tongue, moving it to twist around the clown’s wrist. She smiled.

Chaos lifted his hand slightly to get a better look. Shark teeth aside, her mouth looked rather fun. He let her push him against the wall, grin returning. Though now he was close enough he could hear the voice from her headset clearly. A male, obviously.

‘Jax!’ The voice shouted. ‘Just because I can’t see you doesn’t mean I can’t hear you! Stop licking whoever you’re licking, and get back here. They sound like they don’t have anyone to be your… Ugh, mate…’

Chaos looked at her. Mismatched eyes trying to see past reflective sunglasses. “I’ll be her mate.” He stated.

Both brothers stopped what they were talking about to look at him.

“Are you sure?” The bandaged brother asked. “Chaos, she’s not like the others you’ve had. She’s not even from this planet.”

“An alien? Cool. I’ve always wanted to **** an alien.” Chaos’s smile grew. This was starting to sound exciting. Plus that mouth he really wanted to try out.

“Chaos, listen. You’d have to satisfy her every time her urges come up for a month.” He placed bandaged hands on his little brother’s exposed shoulders. “Can you do that?”

“Duh.” Chaos raised an eyebrow. “You do know me, right?”

“He has a point.” The other chuckled. “Let him have her.”

“……Fine. Go show Jax your room” He let go of Chaos, ushering him to her.

Chaos beamed, grabbing her wrist and leading her. “I think we’ll get along great, Jax. I know i- Whoa!” He was suddenly forced to stop.

Jax nuzzled into his back. She slid her hand around his torso as she stepped before him, a seductive smile on her lips.

Once more, he found himself leaning against a wall. “Well aren’t we eager.” Chaos ran a hand through snow white locks. “Alright go ahe-aah!! Teeth! Watch the teeth- oooh, never mind~ Do what you want~”

Chaos awoke alone in bed. He frowned. “You know, I might have wanted to cuddle. I’m not against it.” He sniffed. “Is that bacon?”

Jax came into the room with a tray of food, placing it in his lap. She then sat at the foot of his bed with a smile. Wearing absolutely nothing.

“Thanks.” Chaos couldn’t stop himself from staring at her unusual alien genitalia. Only to shudder remembering that weird tendril against his own- No, later. Right now he wanted to eat.

Jax rolled over onto her back, looking up at Choas. She watched him eat curiously.

“You’re not eating?” He asked. More curious than actually caring. Not that he was entirely heartless, it was just her choice so whatever.

Jax shook her head.

“You don’t talk much. I like you.”

She giggled. Waiting for him to finish eating. Those solid black eyes obviously wanted something from him.

“……..” Chaos put down his fork. “What?”

“Ch’k’AOsss?” Her English was very difficult to understand. Obviously what she used to speak her race’s language got in the way of speaking others.


“EAt. YOU nEE’k’d yOUr EnErg’k’y.” Jax grabbed his fork, feeding him his food. “EAthlIng’sss ArE w’k’EAk.”

Chaos frowned, though let her feed him. Weak, huh? Let’s see who’s weak by the end of today.

“Tubbs!” Chaos grabbed the dark skinned male by the shoulders. “Buddy o pal!”

Said man looked at the clown with a sigh. “What did you do this time?”

“Actually, I haven’t done anything.”

“Really? Chaos Grimm has done nothing?” Tubbs tucked his hands in his pockets. “I don’t buy it.”

Chaos groaned. “Fine! I’ve been bad! Happy? ”

“I’ve been ordered not to help you. Sorry Chaos, looks like you’re on your own for this mess.”

“Oh, it’s not that.” Chaos chuckled. “She’s sleeping. Wore her out. I’m just out of chocolate syrup. Got any?”

Tubbs sighed for the second time today. “I’ll go get some.”

The next night, Chaos was jittery. The whole circus noticed he seemed on edge. Whenever someone asked, he’d shout he was fine. Soon enough he sought out Tubbs.

“What is it this time Chaos?”

“It’s normal for aliens to sleep over 24 hours, right? Without waking up no matter how hard you try?” Chaos rubbed his arm nervously. If he broke her, he’d never hear the end of it. They’d definitely never let him get a puppy if he couldn’t even take care of an alien…

Tubbs shrugged. “I don’t know, man. Does she seem fine?”

“You… Don’t know..?” Chaos smiled. “Um, yeah yeah, she’s fine. Just really tired. Oh, could you tell them how well I’m taking care of her and that she’s perfectly happy? Also that I want a puppy for Christmas.”

3am, Chaos awoke to a heavy pressure on his chest. He cracked open his eyes. “Jax…? You’re awake. Good.” He flinched. “The teeth, remember? Watch the teeth!”

Late into the night, Chaos stumbled out in the circus grounds. One or two others still awake eyed him curiously.

“Chaos, you ok?” One asked. “You look like crap. Why aren’t you in bed?”

The clown opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a pair of clawed hands covering his mouth. He pulled them down, looking behind him. “Jax, go to sleep already. I’ll be there in a bit.”

She frowned. Pressing against his back, Jax threaded her hands through black locks. One moved to caress his abdomen, slowly dragging lower, until dipping into his pants.

Chaos leaned into the touch. “Ok, ok. I’ll come now.”

Jax chuckled at his choice of words.

Late afternoon the next day, a crowd had gathered. The circus was open for business. Chaos was to perform his act. He was too tired to focus. Not that it mattered, anyways. His older brother cancelled the act before he could get onstage. Telling him to focus on pleasing the alien.

Chaos sighed, slowly walking back to his tent. “Jax, I’m back.”

No response.


Still nothing.

“Weird. Usually she’s all over me by now. She must be sleeping.” The clown checked the bed. Nope, not there. He looked around until eventually deciding to look for her elsewhere.


He’d look later. Right now he needed a nap.

Chaos awoke with a start. “Oh f-…!” He looked down and met obsidian orbs. “Again?” He flinched, feeling something squirming around his nether regions. “Ok! I’m awake!” Chaos flipped their positions so he was now on top. “But if you’re gonna get me in the mood, you gotta let me enter you.”

Jax blushed a bright blue. She shook her head repeatedly.

“You’re embarrassed of that?” Chaos looked at her in disbelief. “Of everything we did, letting me inside you embarrasses you?”

Jax looked to the side shyly.

“Huh.. Too bad. Either let me in, or I won’t touch you.” Chaos sat back, crossing his arms stubbornly.

Jax wiggled her hips under him with a whine. Yet he refused to move. She bit her lip. “D-dO whAt y’k’OU wAnt…”

Chaos grinned, pinning her to the couch. “Now you’re getting it!”

A couple more days of this nonstop theme passed. Chaos had barely slept a wink. He was tired… So tired…

Jax, however, was as energetic as a kitten despite having as little if not half as much sleep as Chaos. She was currently reading a comic book again completely nude on his couch. Swaying her legs up and down. She suddenly jerked, dropping the book. The snow haired alien looked down to see her tentacle like appendage had uncoiled from the pod case between her legs and was currently rubbing itself against her inner thighs. Jax let out a moan, moving a hand down to coil it around her. She pressed a button on the bracelet. It whirred on in vibration.

Chaos heard the noise, not having fallen asleep yet. He investigated. What he saw stirred his own organ. “Jax, come to bed.”

Said girl didn’t need telling twice.

It was the fifth day.

Chaos was completely spent. He collapsed on the couch not even bothering to shower off either the glowing slime or sweat.

Jax sat on his lap, hips aligned. She smiled at him. “…….?”

He shook his head, refusing to open his heads. Let her play with herself. He was far too tired.

Chaos twitched feeling sudden cold air. “Jax, just give me an hour….” He droned sleepily.

A strange slimy thing probed at his anus. Chaos’ eyes shot open. He looked at Jax curiously. “What are you doing?”

She pressed a finger to his lips. “YOU’rE t’k’IrEd.”

“Yes, so let me sleep. We can **** again in an hour or two.”

Jax shook her head, still smiling. “JUssst A lIt’k’tlE mOrE.”

Chaos groaned. “Just let me sleep!!” He snapped.

Jax twitched. She yelled something in her alien tongue, roughly yanking his arms to pin them over his head.

Chaos assumed it was something akin to don’t yell at me. That and her teeth reminded him too much of those ball stealing Screamers. So he let her have her way with him.

Midnight, completely silent.

Chaos was relieved to finally find Jax sleeping. He smiled, cuddling into her, happy to finally get some sleep. Even if she smelled of volcanic ash.

Chaos awoke on his own for the first time in days. He smiled, completely giddy. She’s be sleeping for another 24 hours. He could finally rest! Though now… It felt weird not to wake up and immediately be satisfied.

Near the end of the month, Chaos seemed completely spent. He rarely left his tent anymore. Whether it was sleeping or oddly enough forced into sensual acts, he was hard to get a hold of.

It was starting to worry the others.

Tubbs would check in on him, usually once the noises inside the tent quieted down.

Chaos ran his fingers through his hair. He hurt. All the friction had made him raw. He hurt worse down there, making it hard to sit.

Jax had woken up an hour ago. After another round, she surprisingly left him alone. Instead she took to curiously looking through his stuff.

Chaos remained in bed. Even if he wanted to get up, it hurt too much to.

“ChAOsss?” Jax crawled in bed next to him.

“….What?” The clown’s eye remained closed. “Are you horny again?”


“Then what? You haven’t cuddled once this entire time, it can’t be that.”

“ArE yOU p’k’rEgnAn’k’t?”

Mismatched eyes shot open. “WHAT?!” He looked at her, unable to tell if she was serious or not. “It’s hard to understand you. Almost sounded if you asked if I was pregnant…”

Jax nodded.

“……..!!” Chaos paled. “Can you do that? No!! I don’t want to have an alien baby!!” He panicked, hugging his stomach protectively.

She laughed, rubbing his back. “RElAx, I dIdn’t dO I’k’t sssO It wAsss A jOkE. RElAx.”

Chaos sighed in relief. He held a hand over his racing heart. “Good. I’m not even sure where that would come out of.”

Jax moved so she sat on top of the clown, trailing a clawed hand down his exposed chest. “ThOUgh nOw….. TAlk Of mAkIng bAbIEsss…”

Finally, the month was over.

Chaos walked with Jax to his brothers. Despite how completely drained, sleep deprived, and sore he was, the killer held his head up and stood like nothing was bothering him. No way would he let those two say I told you so.

Jax stopped, looking behind them. She smiled and ran towards the figure.

A tall male. Thin, not much muscle, obviously a brain over brawn type. Golden hair that shone in the sun and a complexion to mask. The only shame was his hair covered most of his face.
The man hugged Jax back, though scowled and pushed her away. “You need a shower. You reek of sex and circus.”

Jax rolled her eyes. She waved to Chaos as she left with the man.

Chaos let out a sigh of relief. At least he wouldn’t have to face his brothers. He relaxed, collapsing to his knees, finally letting the wear and tear show.

“Couldn’t handle her, brother?” A familiar voice said.

“I told you he couldn’t.” Another added in.

Chaos looked behind him. Magus and Gula… “*****

Story by Z Unknown!

Read: Month of Clowns (PG13+)

The Search For Chaos Grimm by markalester

Video #1…

Six months ago a small group of friends disappeared while camping in northern Michigan. Only one returned to discover what happened, using video recovered from the scene.

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I LOVE fans. I love people who can allow themselves to become fanatical, and passionate, about things they really, really love. They have such an incredible energy that I don't have to be as huge a fan as they are to be caught up in the love and excitement.

Who are the most fanatic fans of all?

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Death is the never-ending dream. Like a dream, death is life without a physical body. If you dream of a gun, is the gun real? If you get shot in a dream, do you get shot? What if you no longer have a body to come back to and the dreaming never ends?

What is reality? What is real and what is imagined? Could the world we live in be the dream or are we the dream of a dream of a dream of something, somewhere dreaming and only believing that the world we live in is the real world because our perceptions, and our belief systems, tell us it is real?

It’s all about your belief system. If you believe it to be real, it is.

Perception is reality.

If I think, therefore I am.

Cut the cake! Chaos Grimm is 8 months and 8 days old. BOY! A LOT has happened in eight months and eight days.


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